Venice, Italy 2

Venice, Italy with my mom on a gondola. It was a very memorable trip that I will never forget! Love you, Mom.

My brother joined in as well and so glad he came along for the journey! Thanks, Mark.
My mother and brother standing over the Venice Canals.
This is in the middle of St. Marks Square or Piazza in Venice, Italy 2018. As you can see that is actually sea water starting to rise. After we left Venice one month later is when it flooded and all over the world news for record high water. We were lucky enough to have seen this amazing city above water. I highly recommend seeing Venice. It is a must see destination.
The water taxis are really cool here! As you can see beautiful wooden boats with luxury interior make for a comfortable ride.
In front of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy with my brother Mark and my Mom.
Our tour guide took this photo for us. She showed us all the historical sites and stories behind them. It was so much fun!
With my Mom on the Spanish Steps Rome, Italy. Oh by the way, My Mom did all this walking around all over Europe with a torn meniscus in her knee and never complained about it at the age of 79. I was super impressed, way to go Mom!
Making hand made pizza at a restaurant in Rome with my family. Super fun and tasted great!

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