Scuba Diving

I have been a scuba diver for over 20 years. My most recent dive experience was a shark dive off the coast of West Palm Beach, Florida with Calypso Dive Charters, a company I highly recommend.

From diving shipwrecks in the Caribbean, to sea lions, seals and kelp beds - which makes you feel like you are in an underwater forest off the coast of Catalina Island, California - to cave and drift diving in Cozumel, Mexico or Quarry dives in Indiana, I will be more than happy to guide you along the way.


Diving Lessons

Fun, affordable, and experienced Scuba diving lessons guided by me, a professional Divemaster!


Recommended Dive Companies:

A Snapshot of Dives:

Yellow sea horse called Major Tom in Cozumel, Mexico. He is only about 3 to 4 inches big and I love how he hangs on with his tail.

Coming out of one of the caves in Cozumel, Mexico.

My friend caught me in a great drift dive enjoying the ride. One of the reasons I love drift diving so much!

Diving with Nacho in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He grew up here and loves Octopus, so he showed me one. My first close experience with one and I won’t forget it!

Dive break with one of my good friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Looking forward to the next one my friend!

My last dive on March 28th 2020, West Palm Beach, Florida on dive site Lemon Drop, just before COVID 19 shutdown. Looking forward to diving again real soon!

This Lemon shark was really big! I think she was just checking out the diver or is she?

Just waiting for the captain to give me the green light to dive.

I was lucky enough to dive with one of my good friends in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was his first time diving with sharks. As you can see he was very happy that day. It took some convincing but glad he made it out for the dive.